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Mahasiswa ITS Permudah Bongkar Muat Sapi Dengan Kubus Apung

Agung Purwandoko dan Muhammad Fawaid As’ad ketika menerima penghargaan dalam kompetisi The Annual Ling 11th Art Essay Competition 2018 Selama ini proses bongkar muat sapi di Pelabuhan Kalbut Kabupaten Situbondo dilakukan begitu saja dengan melemparkannya ke laut. Hal ini menginspirasi mahasiswa ITS untuk membuat desain dermaga apung , guna menekan angka kematian sapi akibat proses bongkar muat tersebut. Berkat inovasinya, tim tersebut berhasil meraih first runner up dalam kompetisi The Annual Ling 11th Art Essay Competition 2018 yang diadakan oleh Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) pada 6 Oktober 2018. Selama ini, sapi-sapi di Pelabuhan Kalbut terpaksa dilemparkan langsung ke laut karena kapal pengangkutnya tidak dapat bersandar langsung di dermaga utama. Adalah Agung Purwandoko dan Muhammad Fawaid As’ad, dua mahasiswa asal ITS yang mengusulkan untuk membangun dermaga apung sebagai solusi dari permasalahan ini. Dikatakan Agung, kapal pengangkut tidak dapat bersandar di dermaga u
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Excess Body Protein, This Is the Result

Protein does play an important role in every cell of our body. But the excess protein is actually not good consequences. Check out the effects of excessive protein intake on our bodies. Our body needs protein in sufficient quantities. These nutrients are needed to build and repair damaged body tissue; making enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals; and builds bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. Daily Protein Intake Therefore, we are advised to consume protein every day. The recommended amount varies, depending on our age and gender. The following is the intake of protein needed by the body per day: 1-3 years = around 14.5 grams 4-6 years = 19.7 grams 7-10 years = 28.3 grams Boys 11-14 years = 42.1 grams Daughter = 41.2 grams Teenage boys 15-18 years = 55.2 grams Teenage girls 15-18 years = 45 grams Men 19-50 years = 55.5 grams Women 19-50 years = 45 grams Men 51 years and over = 53.3 grams Women 51 years and over = 46.5 grams Pregnant women = 51 grams Nurs

Recognize the symptoms of hypovolemia for proper treatment

Hypovolemia is a condition of decreased blood volume due to loss of blood or body fluids. This condition can occur due to bleeding at the time of injury, accident, childbirth and surgery. The condition of hypovolemia causes a decrease in blood pressure until hypovolemic shock occurs. If it is not immediately treated, it can result in tissue damage and organ failure which can be fatal for the sufferer. Various Symptoms That Can Occur Hypovolemia with loss of about one fifth or more of the normal volume of blood in the body can cause hypovolemic shock. Blood loss is often caused by bleeding, both from wounds on the surface of the body, such as tears in the skin due to injury or hard impact, or bleeding in the body, such as from the digestive tract that causes symptoms of bloody bowel movements, dark stools (melena), or vomiting blood. Apart from bleeding, the volume of blood in your veins can go down when you lose too much other body fluids. For example due to burns, diarrhea, exc

Swelling of the Spleen Can Be a Sign of This Serious Disease

Spleen swelling is a condition in which the spleen organ enlarges. This condition can be a symptom or sign of a serious illness in your body. Come on, consider the following review! Spleen or splenomegaly does not always cause symptoms. Often, swelling of the spleen is detected when the doctor performs a health check. Symptoms that can arise from swelling of the spleen include frequent fatigue, easy bleeding, and pain or discomfort in the upper left abdomen, where the spleen is located. Pain that occurs can even spread to the back and shoulder blades or shoulder blades. Patients with swollen spleen will usually feel easier to fill, even if eating in small portions. This happens because the swollen and enlarged spleen begins to press the stomach. Swelling of the spleen that suppresses other body organs can affect blood flow to the spleen and cause the spleen to not filter blood properly. The larger the spleen, the more red blood cells are destroyed, so that it can cause anemia. Swel

Brain Swelling, Recognize the Causes and Signs

Brain swelling is also known as medical cerebral edema. This condition can be caused by an accident or certain medical conditions. The brain is very susceptible to damage due to edema (swelling), because it is located inside a closed cavity. Your brain may swell due to injury or injury, suffer from diseases, certain medical conditions such as infections, tumors or strokes, even because you are at altitude. Swelling of the brain occurs when there is an accumulation of excessive fluid in the brain tissue. And this is not a trivial matter, because the swelling of the brain can cause death. This Causes Brain Swelling Brain swelling can apparently prevent blood from flowing into your brain, and this can block the supply of oxygen entering the brain. In fact, oxygen is needed by the brain, so that the brain functions optimally. In addition, brain swelling can also prevent other fluids from leaving your brain, and make the brain swelling even worse. This swelling can occur in certain p

This Brain Wave Therapy Information You Need To Know

To overcome various mental health disorders, brain wave therapy is believed to be able to have a positive effect. The brain is the organ that regulates a person's thoughts, and the brain also controls the behavior, emotions, movements, and sensations in the body. Given its very important role, of course brain health must be maintained. The brain consists of several parts with different functions. And your brain consists of billions of nerve cells or neurons that use electricity as a way to communicate with each other. Five Types of Brain Waves Brain waves are divided into five different parts, which are believed to create the spectrum of the level of human consciousness. Our brain waves change throughout the day which can be influenced by what we do, think, and also feel emotionally at certain times, even during sleep. The following explanation is related to five types of brain waves that exist: Delta waves Delta waves are the slowest brain waves and occur when you fal